A Student’s Tale

Rahul was a very intelligent student. He had performed above average throughout his academics in both school and college. He was an engineer in Computer Science stream from one of the villages of MP. A pride to his family of seven members and from a lower middle class family background.

His dream was to help improve the economic conditions of his family and also to become a big person with a name in the industry.
Even though, his track record was brilliant in academics, he did not get admitted in the country’s top institutions. Reason – poor financial conditions. So, he had to pursue his dream to become an engineer from one of the Tier 3 colleges that was more economically favourable and close to his home.

Result: With a degree in hand, there were no placements upon graduation. No company recognised his college. With no corporate connections at personal level, Rahul failed to secure a job. It was a great disadvantage compared to other boys from more esteemed colleges of India, regardless of their scoring in those top institutions.

Although, this is a fictional tale, but I assure you that there are many such Rahuls in our country. Academically above average, there are so many fresh graduates who are graduating on an annual basis, but do not have or satisfying jobs. Reason: He came from an unknown college from Tier 3 & 4 cities of India.

As per a study facilitated by Nasscom & Mindtree in the year 2014, from approx. 5,50,000 computer engineering students, only 18.43% are readily employable.

Shocking? But true nevertheless! Not only this, but several studies have been conducted on similar lines across the globe and in India on the lack of professional skills present in today’s youth.

Reason: Students like Rahul lack sufficient training on technical, soft and professional skills. Most of these students come from middle and lower-middle classes with degrees from unheard of or yet to be proven colleges.
Adynor has been conceptualized to help such Rahuls of our country to not only achieve their dreams but also to gain an advantage over their counter parts from top colleges. Students can now have the option of polishing their academics with practical expertise in the field of their interest.

What is the catch?

At an economic and affordable cost, they are exposed and trained through an online ecosystem on projects (live and near-live) under the esteemed guidance of mentors with minimum 10 years of industry exposure and masters in their respective fields. Not only that, they are trained on latest technologies which are in sync with current industry demands.

We wish to help students to add to their knowledge and assist them to achieve their dreams.

Inspiration behind founding Adynor

I have been a Human Resources professional for more than 5 years. Throughout my career, I have handled various verticals of HR in MNCs, MNGOs & start-ups. Everywhere, I have come across shortage of talent – be it technical, management or blue collared. It’s not as if we do not have tons of people in our country who have been pursued college degrees in all these aspects. What did mattered that how many of them were actually employable. I spent days in search of a solution to curb this need:

– Came up with HR policies that would help not only companies in which I was employed but also to make the current youth trained as in “industry ready resources”.
– Came up with different employee engagement programs to encourage internal staff to take up course(s) or assignment(s) that would help maintain a balance between supply and demand within an organization
– Designed, implemented and executed several training & development programs to assist employees to hone their soft and professional skills.
– Conceptualized and successfully executed extended internship programs in corporate world where fresh graduates can come on board, learn, gain experience, and as per business need and individual’s calibre and get absorbed as full time employment from internship / apprentice position.

But that was never enough. Every time, the same problem. It was a vicious cycle with no end in sight.

There are several studies on the matter from reputed organizations: Nasscom, Mindtree, McKenzie, etc. But there was hardly any economical solution available for the youth of today.

Therefore, concept of Adynor was born. A dream to:
– Build technical and professional skill sets in youth while they are still in college, pursuing their education under the guidance of much abled and experienced faculty in various educational institutions of the country
– Churn out industry – ready human resources from Day 1
– To help cut down on the corporate Training & Development investments
– Assist in preparing the youth for the career of their choice, thereby, endowing confidence and self- worth in them.
– At an economic cost, provide practical exposure to the youth under the experienced mentors and as per industry standards

Through Adynor, I with my team, want to help and support the institutions and corporate world with the best training facilities available to empower today’s youth and make them more competent and resourceful for the task at hand.

-By Shruti Misra


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